About Us

Who we are...

The Epidemiology Foundation (The American College of Epidemiology Research and Education Foundation) engages in educational, charitable and scientific activities to further knowledge about epidemiology among the general public, and promote scientific interaction between epidemiologists in industry, government, academia and other nonprofit organizations, in order to improve the public’s health. It exists to expand the capabilities of American College of Epidemiology to promote the development of persons interested in the profession of epidemiology, and increase the knowledge and reach of epidemiologists in their quest to promote health, prevent disease, and decrease suffering among the greater community.

What we do…

The Epidemiology Foundation receives, administers, and distributes grants for scientific, educational and charitable purposes consistent with the mission and activities of the Foundation’s charter and the American College of Epidemiology. 

Some of the attendees at the ACE Annual Meeting Welcoming Reception, sponsored by the Epidemiology Foundation. At the event, the Foundation provided an update on its activities, appealed for further support,
and answered questions about its important work. 

We support:

  • Endowed Lecture Series honoring ground-breaking contributions to seminal areas of epidemiology.
  • Panel Discussions about the latest trends in the field.
  • Promotion of networking and interaction among ACE Members & colleagues across epidemiology.
  • Building diversity within the field.
  • Research

Inaugural Endowed Lecture Series Presenter, Dr. Ross Brownson (far right) with (l. to r.) Executive Director Sara-Becca Smith, Foundation President Ed Trapido, and ACE President-Elect Diana Bensyl.  Dr. Brownson is the Bernard Becker Professor of Public Health and Director of the Prevention Research Center in St. Louis at the Washington University in St. Louis. His lecture at the 2018 ACE Annual Meeting was entitled: "Linking Epidemiology and Implementation Science: How to Increase the Impact of Your Research."