Strategic Plan 2021-2026

Our core fundraising priorities are to:

  1.  Enhance development with private and public entities using a multi-pronged approach:
    1. Members receive training in development
    2. Building a case for support of the ACE
    3. Creation of materials to market ACE to diverse entities including members, corporate and public institutions
    4. Formulate a database with information about entities to campaign for funds
    5. Develop guidelines for potential donors and a win-win strategy for retention
    6. Begin a campaign for gifts at various funding levels targeted to specific demographics

Our priorities over the next 5 years, outside of fundraising, include:

  1. Offering support of the annual meeting of the ACE through for example, financial aid for workshops, and awards for endowed lectures as well as funds for associate member registration especially among underrepresented minorities.
  2. Offer support for outreach of the ACE throughout the year by funding cutting edge webinars, debates and panel discussions about hot button topics in epidemiology.
  3. Support for mid-year training in the grant process including how to market epidemiology in elements of a proposal.
  4. Offer support to provide training on how to market epidemiology to the broader community/the public, private and other entities.
  5. Offer to share resources and support for the identification of and conduct of internship experiences at the international, national or regional levels by leveraging networks, experience and expertise of full members and fellows. 
  6. Offer support for community-based activities for members to engage the public in topics of diverse interest in epidemiology and broaden outreach to expose and enliven members of the public including youth about the potential for careers in epidemiology.